Forest projects coordinator

In today’s Russia there is unlikely a person who knows more about illegal logging than Anatoly Kabanets. Originally from Donetsk, Ukraine, he moved to Primorsky Krai more than 40 years ago by the assignment of the Forest College. For two decades Anatoly became involved in forest management of the Ussuri taiga, and was struck not only by its wealth but also by the scale of illegal logging. In the early 1990s logging trucks with cedar, oak, ash and linden flocked to the Chinese border, and it seemed that there was no power that will stop these outrageous actions…

In 1999, Anatoly Kabanets headed the «Cedar» group inside the State Committee for Environmental Protection of Primorsky krai, created with the support of WWF to fight forest poaching. 617 identified illegal loggings can be considered Anatoly’s «personal best». As a result of the inspection, 5 directors of forestry enterprises were fired.

An interesting fact of his biography: during a tour of the ecological trail in the United States Kabanets discovered illegal logging… near Washington, D.C., and bewildered his American colleagues. Kabanets’s data formed the basis of WWF analytical reports on illegal logging in the Russian Far East. As an expert, he participated in the preparation of the «Regulation of relations in the field of timber trade in the Primorsky Krai» act, adopted in 2013. Over 15 years of uncompromising struggle against forest poaching Anatoly acquired unique professional skills and a great experience. He willingly shares it during the WWF workshops for the environmental workers.


In 2013, Anatoly Kabanets was awarded the badge «For the preservation and enhancement of Russian forest resources» by the Federal Agency for Forestry Affairs of Russian.

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