Program Coordinator

Born in the Russian Far East, Svetlana devoted her life to the development of the nature reserve system in Russia. For many years she managed WWF programs in Amur Oblast, led Amur Socio-Ecological Union, and taught hunting inspectors in the Far Eastern State Agrarian University. Nowadays, dozens of her former students hold high level positions in the field of environmental protection. Svetlana surveyed unique places of the Amur region to establish new wildlife reserves, and she transferred her experience to the students of «Bars» («Panther» or «Snow leopard») taiga environmental brigade during numerous expeditions. For the ability to carry extremely heavy backpacks, go without food for a long time, routinely swim in icy rivers and overcome any difficulties, Svetlana was given the nickname «Iron Lady». But this is not the only «title» she has on her track record.

In 2003, for the creation of «her own» first million hectares of nature reserves and other achievements in environmental protection, she was recognized as the «Woman of the Year» by the WWF.

Since 2004, as a program coordinator of the WWF-Russia Amur Branch, Svetlana has been responsible for the «Amur Green Belt», a system of Special Protected Natural Areas of the whole Amur ecoregion. Over the last ten years, thanks to her efforts, and in cooperation with scientists, NGOs and government authorities, 13 nature reserves were established on a total area of 1320 thousand hectares, and the boundaries of the six protected areas were expanded over the area of 269 thousand hectares.

As the secretary of the Coordinating Board of Directors of the southern Far East of Russia nature reserves, Svetlana ensures the development and implementation of joint programs in the Amur basin, annual seminars for environmental education department experts of the nature reserves and national parks, and continues to be a champion of the Far Eastern protectors of the nature.

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