The fauna of the Ussuri taiga has no peers in Russia. It is home to about 80 species of mammals, from shrews and hedgehogs to bears and tigers. This is the only place in our country where you can meet four wild cats: the Amur leopard, the Amur tiger, the lynx and the Far Eastern forest cat. In the taiga brown bears can meet their southern counterpart, the Himalayan bear. Here you can find Amur gorals, sika deers, martens, Manchurian hares and other endemic, rare and endangered animal species.

The master of the cedar-broadleaf forests is the Amur tiger, one of the largest predators on the planet. It has a thick, long and fluffy red fur with black stripes on the skin, the amount of which reaches 100. It is believed that the pattern of these stripes is individual and the two tigers will never have the same stripes. Next door to the tiger lives the Amur leopard, the northernmost leopard subspecie, the only one who has learned to live and hunt in the snow, and the rarest big cat on the planet.

No less colorful is the variety of birds living in the basins of the Amur and Ussuri rivers. It is home to such endemic species as the Mandarin duck and the Siberian grouse, the White-naped crane and Eurystomus, fish owl and the Chinese merganser. For the summer various subtropical and tropical birds arrive to the Ussuri taiga.

When it comes to the variety of fish fauna the Amur river has no peers among the rivers of our country: it has 130 species of fish. It is home to one of the largest sturgeons, the great Siberian sturgeon, or Kaluga, reaching 4-5 m in length. You can also find the Amur and Sakhalin sturgeons here. The Amur river is the richest salmon river in Eurasia, 9 species of salmon come here during the spawning season. Just like with the flora and fauna of the Ussuri taiga, the species of fish inhabiting the Amur and Ussuri rivers are very diverse. Northern taimen, whitefish, lenok, and burbot can be found side by side with the inhabitants of warm or even tropical rivers: mudfish, white amur and black Chinese carp, Mandarin fish, silver carp, Leiocassis catfish. In the oxbow lakes other relic plants and animals can be found: the Amur pearl, water chestnuts, Komarov’s lotus.

Fauna of the Bikin River Valley is also diverse and unique. It is home to elks, red deers, sika deers, wild boars, roe deers, musk deers, brown and Himalayan bears, wild boars, squirrels, martens, minks, badgers, sables, lynx and wolverines. In the flood basin of the Bikin river you can find various nesting birds: black and red-crowned cranes, Far Eastern white storks, black storks, Chinese mergansers, mandarin ducks, white-tailed eagles, fish owls. In addition, on the banks of the river there are hawks, stonechats, plovers, great gray owls, and goshawks. Various reptiles are also found in the Bikin River Valley. It is home to the rare Chinese softshell turtle included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation.

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